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Clues For The Hunt - Created for kids by a really cool dad

Clues for boys & girls Ages 2-12

kids clues

How to begin


Step 1

Select children's ages


Step 2

Select holiday or event


Step 3

Purchase your clues!

Step 4

Enjoy the hunt!

how it works...

You get to customize your kids’ search for their ultimate prize. Have your kids search with their own individual clues or have them work as a team. First, choose a welcome letter that explains the game. Next, with that welcome letter, place the first clue. For example, at Easter time, clues are typically placed inside Easter eggs. For a birthday party or any other event, any similar case will do.  You’ll place the next clue in the location to where the first clue led them. Follow the same steps for as many clues as you choose, remembering each time to leave the next clue to where the previous clue led. For example:

Step 1:

Welcome letter and first clue- leads to Baseball glove

Step 2:

Inside your child’s baseball glove, place clue #2 – leads to Coffee maker

Step 3:

Inside the coffee maker, place clue #3- leads to pool table

Repeat this process with as many clues as you would like. Choose from the “Final clue” menu to choose a place to leave the prize. Be sure not to choose a location near any of the previous clues. 

You can also choose to purchase a certificate of achievement signed by the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus or the Puzzle Master. 

Boy and Girl reading clue to a scavenger hunt
Two girls reading clue for easter egg hunt

Why choose us?

Whether your hiding your child’s Easter basket, Christmas or birthday present or creating a game to play at your child’s birthday party, we give you the opportunity to customize your treasure hunt using specific locations within your home. And seeing the sense of accomplishment on their faces when they solve the clue, makes these memories that much more special.

Expand their brain power one clue at a time.

So are you up for the hunt?

Enjoy lasting memories! 

Fuel their noggin'

Start family traditions

Cartoon frog and alligator playing
I'm so excited to
find all the clues!

What families are saying...

Bobbi Ann O.

Watching my daughter get excited every year for the hunt! There's nothing better than seeing her light up when she solves each clue!

My son is my whole heart and watching him learn and grow with every clue, each year - is such a gift for me.

Jacqui R.

Kids reading clue to clues for the hunt

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