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About Us

My wife and I have always tried to make our kids holidays and birthdays into unique experiences. When our kids were 4 and 5, we wanted to do something different at Easter than the tired hide the eggs around the house game. What if they had to solve a puzzle? And another? And another? The look on their faces when they solved each clue was priceless. And when they found their ultimate prize, each had a look of accomplishment that made it all so worthwhile. But the best part was when they were asked about their Easter baskets, all they talked about was how they found them. By the next year, family members began asking us to create puzzles for them. We realized that this concept could go beyond Easter. At our son’s next birthday party, the kids formed teams to compete to find a great prize. “Clues for the hunt” was born.

Don't forget to collect all the clues...squwakkkk!
Little girl smiling in blue bucket hat
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