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Cartoon ant waiving hello

Clue Instructions


Download your welcome letter! 

(Purchase of letter optional), clues and Certificate (purchase of certificate optional). It's best to print the certificate on card stock if available.


Cut out the clues! 

Cut out the individual clues to make them easier to fit in an Easter egg or any other holding device.


Place your welcome letter in a common place in your home. For Easter, the ideal spot would be where they would normally expect to see their Easter Baskets. Make sure it's not near any visible clues.

Place welcome letter!


Place your first clue with the welcome letter. For example, if you've chosen the Can Opener as your first clue, place that clue in it's holder along with the welcome letter. Be sure to note certain clues are meant to be a 1st clue, or not meant to be a 1st clue.

Place first clue!


Place your next clue at the spot of your 1st clue. Again as an example, if you'd chosen the can opener, place the next clue at the can opener.

Place next clue! 


Continue Process!

Continue this process for as many clues as you purchased. Try and select clues that will require the kids to move around the house.


Final clue! 

The final clue will be placed at the location of the last regular clue and will lead to their prize. The final destination should be a remote or hidden location that will not visible during the previous searches.

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